How do I make a backup of the SuperOffice CRM database?

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How do I take a backup of SuperOffice database?


There are two ways how you can take a backup of your SuperOffice database:

1. Use database management system provided backup feature. If you use SQL Server Management Studio read here how to do it.

2. Use SuperOffice database management tool DBsetup.exe.


1. If you are not sure how to use DbSetup.exe contact SuperOffice support or your IT responsible. Using it in a wrong way you can in a worst case scenario destroy the SuperOffice database.‚Äč

2. DBsetup.exe reads out all data from the database server that is needed to restore/move SuperOffice database. DBSetup.exe only takes a copy of the database. It does not take a copy of the document archive SO_ARC.


To learn how to take a backup with DBsetup.exe please follow the steps below:

  1. Find DBsetup.exe in the SuperOffice server installation folder. The first time opening DBsetup.exe you will get an information messages where you need to click OK to proceed.
  2. Then in the main screen choose the Export a database to file option.
  3. Enter the path/filename or click on the '...' to browse to the location on disk. The file must have the suffix ".Sdb".

    Note! Before SuperOffice 8.1 file extension was called .sda
  4. Choose the ODBC of your database in Source Database. Typically SuperOffice ODBC is called "SuperOffice7", "SuperOffice8", "SuperOffice"...
  5. Fill in the User ID,  Password and Prefix. If you do not have this information, please contact your companies IT responsible.
  6. Click on the Start button to make a backup.


More information:

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Technical Documentation: DevNet Toolbox


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