Which settings SuperOffice Mail Link has and where are they saved?

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Which settings SuperOffice Mail Link has and where are they stored? And how can I change the language of the SuperOffice Ribbon? 



Mail Link has Archive Options, General Settings, SuperOffice Account settings and archiving window position settings. They are stored in different places:

Archive Options and General settings are stored in the SuperOffice database in the table USERPREFERENCE.

SuperOffice Account preferences are saved in the folder on the local computer C:\Users\"user"\AppData\Roaming\SuperOffice\MailLink\

Archiving windows positions are saved in Windows Registries.

For more information please take a look at the overview:

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Mail Link language: 

The Mail Link (SuperOffice ribbon in Outlook) will by default follow the Outlook (Office) language. You can override this by using the "LanguageOverride" setting in registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SuperOffice\MailLink). You can set the language keys you'll find in Mail Link installation directory like (da, de, en-us, fr, nl, no, sv).

​From SuperOffice 8 SR3 Czech, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish are also available for Mail Link.

The language codes for these languages are:

* Czech / cs
* Spanish / es
* French / fr
* Italian / it
* Polish / pl


Note! This will not change the language of the Web Extensions. The Web Extensions choose it's language according to the language of the Operating system.

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