How do I setup the Gmail link and connect my Gmail account to SuperOffice CRM?

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How do I setup the Gmail link and connect my Gmail account to SuperOffice CRM?


To connect your Gmail account with your SuperOffice please follow steps below:

  1. You can either go to SuperOffice App store and click on the Install button on the left side of the menu or click on the  icon, then Download and SuperOffice Web Tools.

  2. The next step is to choose what kind of computer you are using. If you choose Shared computer and Next the wizard will continue without advising you to download Web Tools, as documents may be stored on the computer locally. If this is not a case, choose Personal computer Home/office and proceed with Next.

  3. Select the GMail as preferred e-mail client on this computer.

  4. For smooth document handling you can download and install Web Tools, please check this FAQ for more information. Then click on the Next button.

  5. Click on the Get SuperOffice Gmail Link now button.

  6. Click on the Install button on the left side of the menu.

  7. A new window will appear. On the top right corner click +Add to Chrome button.

    Note! On the other browsers this screen will look differently.

  8. A pop up of your browser will appear asking if you want to add your Gmail link extension. Click Add extension.

  9. Afterwards log in to your SuperOffice Online. Your Gmail will automatically detect that the extension is added.
  10. Then log in to your Gmail. SuperOffice Gmail Link will appear on the right top corner of the e-mail as in the screenshot bellow. 

  11. Before starting working with your incoming documents and emails we suggest to check your Gmail Link settings and set preferable settings.


    Note! So far you can use Gmail Link only with Chrome and Firefox browsers.


More information:

Video:  How to setup the Gmail Link for SuperOffice? 

FAQ: How to configure Gmail with SuperOffice Inbox?


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