Why some records in SuperOffice appear in red or blue color?

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Some of the records (contacts, companies and follow-ups) appear in red or blue. Why does it happen?


There are different kind of reasons why different type of records in SuperOffice appear in red or blue color. You can find explanations in the sections below:


Contact records in SuperOffice CRM

A contact appears in red when Former Employee is ticked in the contact card.

A contact appears in blue when E-marketing option in the contact card is disabled.

Note! Before SuperOffice 8.2 this option was called No Mailing.


Company records in SuperOffice CRM

A company appears in red when option Stop is ticked in the company card.

A company appears in blue when option No Mailing is ticked in the company card.

Follow-up records in SuperOffice CRM

A follow-up appears in red when it is uncompleted and has passed a due day.


Sales records in SuperOffice CRM

A sale appears in red when it is uncompleted and the next activity on the sale has passed a due day.


More information:

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Product: Sales & Marketing (CRM client),CRM Online
Product area: Create new data


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