What to do when I get a notification “Unable to get the e-mail folders” in SuperOffice CRM?

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When I open SuperOffice and I get a notification “Unable to get the e-mail folders” at the top of the screen. Why does it come up and what can I do about it?


This notification can come up when you use Outlook as the main e-mail client and the user tries to open an e-mail, which was archived in SuperOffice CRM. Most of the time the user previously had SuperOffice Inbox configured, the system remembers it and the old configuration set-up fails.

  • If you use SuperOffice mobile app - Pocket CRM adjust the Inbox configuration with the correct e-mail credentials, check this FAQ on how to configure SuperOffice Inbox.
  • If you do not use the Pocket CRM mobile app,  please follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the  icon, then choose Local settings.

  2. Select SuperOffice CRM (1) as the e-mail client and click Save (2). 

  3. Then again click on the icon, but then choose E-mail options.

  4. In the e-mail options screen click on the E-mail account (1) tab, Edit/remove (2), and OK (3).

  5. Now you can either configure SuperOffice Inbox or set Microsoft Outlook as your main e-mail client.

The notification should disappear and you should be able to send, receive, or open e-mails from in SuperOffice. If you still cannot open e-mails in SuperOffice CRM, please check this FAQ which should solve the problem.


More information

Bug: Blank space in folder name on IMAP server


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Product area: Email


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