How do I configure SuperOffice Mail Link for Outlook manually?

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I am not able to archive or click on Inbox in SuperOffice and get my Outlook application opened. I have Web Tools and Mail Link installed. Why does it happen and how do I fix it?


If you experienced changes in your computer environment (OS or browser updates, new browser, new computer etc.) it can cause that Mail Link configuration has been lost.

First of all, make sure that both MS Office (Outlook) and SuperOffice Web Tools are installed locally on the computer. You should find both of these applications in Control Panel, Programs and Features section.

If you have both Web Tools and Outlook installed you can configure Mail Link manually by making two steps:

Step 1. Set configuration in SuperOffice CRM

Step 2. Set configuration in Outlook


Step 1: Set configuration in SuperOffice CRM

  1. Click on Personal Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen and choose Local Settings from the drop-down menu.

  2. Choose Microsoft Outlook as E-mail client and click OK.

    Note! Make sure you see a note, saying SuperOffice Web Tools are installed, otherwise you'll have to install Web Tools first.
  3. Then click on the Personal Settings icon again and from the drop-down list choose Preferences.

  4. Click on the E-mail and make sure Yes is selected for E-mail client installed and Outlook is selected as E-mail client and click on the Save button.


Step 2: Set a configuration in Outlook

  1. Click on the arrow in the SuperOffice Ribbon in your Outlook it will open Options dialog.

  2. Click on SuperOffice Account (1), choose SuperOffice CRM (Web client) (2), click on the arrow  next to Advanced settings and in the URL for SuperOffice CRM field copy your SuperOffice CRM URL address.

  3. Then in the field User name (1) type in your user name and click on the Test connection (2) button.

  4. In the Mail Link login dialog enter you SuperOffice user name and password and click on the OK button.

    Note! After you get a dialog that confirms that Connection succeeded you'll have to type in your user name and password again to confirm connection.

  5. Click Close and OK to close open windows.


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