How to start using Pocket CRM 7.2?

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Is there a guide to help you get started with the Pocket CRM 7.2 app?


Below you will find attached the guide to help you get started with Pocket CRM 7.2 app.
Note! If you use SuperOffice 8.x please read this FAQ.
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The Navigator 
The navigator appears on the left of the main pages in Pocket CRM.
Here you select the icon for the page you want to go to: Calendar, Contacts, Sales, Projects or Images 
If the navigation icon looks like this, it means that you have overdue sale.
The same icon can appear in the Calendar that indicates a new (unread) notifications/invitation 
The Task menu 
On many pages, at the bottom left, you will find the Task menu.
This contains options that are relevant for the currently active page. 
These may be logging in or out, settings, filtering, sending SMS/e-mail, map display etc. 
Screen optimization 
On devices with small screens, the navigator is hidden automatically.
You select this icon on the left to display the navigator. 
The main pages and associated sub-pages consist of tabs.
You can see which tab is selected, because its icon will be highlighted. 
To view other employees diaries select your name and search by name.
Appointments for the person in question are displayed. 
This also apply in the sales page
Create new 
The new button creates a new entry in the database.
What type of entry that is created depends on which page you currently are browsing
.e.g. Appointment, Company, Contact or Sale 

All information above is attached in a PDF below:

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Språk: EN
Versjon: 7.0 (7.0.4003)→7.5 SR2 (7.5.5885)
Produkt: Pocket CRM


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