How do I avoid that my mailings are categorized as spam when sending them from SuperOffice CRM Online?

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After sending Mailing from SuperOffice Online we notice that:

  • Many Mailings has status "Sent", but no one receives them.
  • A big amount of emails are bounced.

We assume that our newsletters are categorized as spam by recipients. Why does it happen and how to fix it? 


In many cases this can be caused by the fact that the recipient’s mail server sees your email address as spam, because the Sender domain is different from the actual domain being received from.

Creating a mailing in SuperOffice Online you define a Sender (see screenshot below). You can use any email address for this, as there are no restrictions. Let's say you are using a Sender email which has the domain (email ending)“”. When the mailing reaches the recipient mail server it sees that the mailing is sent from “” domain. This can cause your newsletter being identified as Spam.

The solution is to avoid potentially being marked as spam for the reason described above. You can configure your domain to accept that SuperOffice Online will send on behalf of your domain.

To do that you should install a SPF entry in the DNS for “@[yourdomain].com” which says that SuperOffice SMTP server is trusted sender for “@[yourdomain].com”. The TXT record to add is "v=spf1 -all". 


  • This is a one-time operation which will allow for all future mailings from our solution to have a higher receive-rate.
  • This should be done by your IT responsible, your mail server administrator or whomever administrates the DNS for your domain.

More information:

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Google recommendations for their service, check About SPF records

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 FAQ: How do I avoid being blacklisted after sending out our newsletters from SuperOffice CRM?

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