How do I reinstall SuperOffice Web Tools and/or Mail Link?

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I have been recommended to reinstall Web Tools and/or Mail Link. How do I do it?


To reinstall Web Tools and/or Mail Link please follow the steps below:

  1. First close your SuperOffice application and Outlook.
  2. Open Programs and Features, find the component you want to reinstall, select it and press on a Uninstall option.

  • If you use SuperOffice Online or Onsite Web client follow this FAQ to learn how to install Web Tools and/or Mail Link.
  • If you have been recommended to install latest version of Web  Tools and/or Mail Link, you can find this software to use in SuperOffice Download Service page.

Note! ​If you use the SuperOffice Windows client, you can run the Mail Link installer file: SuperOffice.MaiLink.Setup.MSI. You can find it on the SuperOffice server, in the catalog SuperOffice Server/Client/MSI.  This should be done by your IT responsible, your mail server administrator or whomever administrates the DNS for your domain.


More information

Troubleshooting video: How do I re-install SuperOffice Web Tools?

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