How do I generate a Google App password to use 2-Step Verification with SuperOffice Inbox?

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How do I generate a Google App password to use 2-Step Verification with SuperOffice Inbox?


If you are prompted by SuperOffice Inbox for a new password after turning on 2-Step Verification, you must sign in using an App Password.

What is "App password"?

App passwords allow 2-Step Verification users to access their Google Accounts through apps such as Mail on an iPhone or Mac, Outlook, or SuperOffice Inbox. Google will generate the app passwords for you and you won't need to remember them. An App password is a 16-digit pass-code that gives an app or device permission to access your Google Account. If you use 2-Step-Verification and you see a “password incorrect” error when trying to access your Google Account, an App password may solve the problem. Most of the time, you’ll only have to enter an App password once per app or device, so don’t worry about it.

Why you may need an App password?

When you sign up for 2-Step Verification, you normally receive verification codes. However, these codes do not work with some apps and devices, like Outlook or SuperOffice Inbox. Instead, you’ll need to the app or device the first time you use it to sign in to your Google Account by generating and entering an App password

How to generate an App password?

Google Authenticator does not generate App Passwords.

  1. Visit your App passwords page. You may be asked to sign into your Google Account.
  2. At the bottom, click Select app and choose the app you’re using and click Select device and choose the device you’re using.

    We recommend to Choose Other, and you will be able to choose your own name, like "SuperOffice CRM Online" or "SuperOffice Inbox".

  3. Select Generate.
  4. Follow the instructions to enter the App password (the 16 character code in the yellow bar) on your device and select Done.

  5. Once you are finished, you won’t see that App password code again. However, you will see a list of apps and devices you’ve created App passwords for.


Note! You may not be able to create an App password for less secure apps. Learn more about allowing less secure apps.


How to use the App password with SuperOffice Inbox?

  1. Log into CRM Online and click Inbox in the left menu

  2.  In the log in dialog for Inbox, paste/replace your password with the 16-character password shown in the yellow dialog from Generated app password. Just like your normal password, this app password grants complete access to your Google Account. You won't need to remember it, so don't write it down or share it with anyone.


can’t sign in?

If you’re still having trouble accessing your Google Account, visit the problems signing in with 2-Step verification page for help with a specific device


More Information:

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